Max Workouts Personal Review

Vital stats:

Weight: 180 lbs.
Height: 5 foot 8 in.
Goal Weight: 155 lbs.
Waistline: 37 in.
Goal Waistline: 34 in.

Before anything else, I’d just like to establish that I didn’t look overweight before starting the program. My thighs, arms and face were a little chubbier than what was considered ‘healthy’ for my height, but I did not look even remotely obese. In fact, my only problem area was my stomach. Being an avid drinker of beer, I had quite the telltale gut. It made me so uncomfortable that I started going to the gym more, but alas, after a few months, I decided that it wasn’t working as well as I had hoped. I did my research and stumbled upon the Max Workouts Fitness Program.

I was skeptical in the beginning because it sounded too good to be true. Sometimes when there are too many positive reviews, it becomes a little shady to me, but I decided to go ahead and purchase the Deluxe package of Max Workouts anyway. One thing that drew me to this program over other programs was how I didn’t need to go to the gym to workout. I had an outstanding gym membership at my local gym, but I had grown increasingly embarrassed by my stubborn beer belly that I opted to work out at home instead. After purchasing four pairs of dumbbells of different weights from a nearby gym that had just closed down, I set off to work.

I’m an athletic guy; I take walks with my dog everyday, I run every other day and I even take boxing classes twice a week aside from my regular gym days. All those withstanding, Max Workouts still kicked my butt. By the end of the 5th round of the first day, I had to take a minute to just breathe because I was so out of breath. The thing with circuit training is that you can’t ever rest or else your heart rate will go down and that defeats the purpose of a high intensity workout. After the 20-minute workout proper, I was ready to soak in my hot tub and stay there for the remainder of the day. They say the first day is always the hardest, and I can attest to that. After that first day, I painstakingly did the second day’s workout and it still kicked my butt, but I at least had a general idea of what to expect. I was still tired as hell, don’t get me wrong.

The high intensity interval cardio sessions were challenging for me because I absolutely hate doing cardio. This program required me to do about a half hour’s worth of cardio twice a week. I spend this time cycling up and down the rolling hills of my neighborhood. The incline was a good way to add stress to my legs for maximum results. Other days, I would combine 15 minutes of jump rope, and 15 minutes on the treadmill.

The videos were a great help to me because I didn’t want to be reading in between exercises. I’m a visual learner, and it’s easier for me to remember videos than words on paper. Shin explained the exercises well, and it helped me rationalize why I was going through all that effort.

I remained faithful to the 90-day program, only missing two days because I was down with a cold. Did I achieve my goal weight? Hell yes, all 25 pounds of it. At the end of the program, I was at 152 lbs. with a 33-¾ waistline. I didn’t gain a lot of muscle mass, but I definitely looked more cut, and my belly was finally back to normal. I highly recommend Max Workouts.

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