Max Workouts Personal Review

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Vital stats: Weight: 180 lbs. Height: 5 foot 8 in. Goal Weight: 155 lbs. Waistline: 37 in. Goal Waistline: 34 in. Before anything else, I’d just like to establish that I didn’t look overweight before starting the program. My thighs, arms and face were a little chubbier than what was considered ‘healthy’ for my height, […]

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Max Workouts Testimonials

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I have written my personal review of Max Workouts program but I suppose you want to learn about other people experience as well. Here are several reviews I found on Youtube. I don’t know those people and I do not endorse their reviews. Please do your due diligence. You can also download Max Workouts free […]

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Free Weights vs. Machines

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You may be wondering what the difference is between using free weights and machines. This is a perfectly valid question because to beginners, entering a gym and seeing all the equipment can be intimidating; you don’t want to look like a fool in front of the other members, do you? Bodybuilders say that neither is […]

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How to Lose Weight Before Summer

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We all want that sexy bikini body come summertime. The problem is how to achieve that body. First, make sure you have the right attitude coming into it. Do it for yourself. You should want to improve yourself because you want to be healthier and you want to feel better about yourself, not to get […]

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